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Monthly Daughters of the Moon

Monthly Classes ~ The First Saturdays of February, March & April from 2 to 4pm Learn to intuitively read your DOM cards, sharing…

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Psychic Development with Argena

It is delightful to be teaching again. I thank Inner Path for this great opportunity. My life journey has included many teachers, plus…

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Personal Standards- Part 1

  Is there a piece missing for women in our society today?  What could it be?  As I spoke daily with people across the country…

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04 Aug, 2016 | by
Divine Femanine Emotional Healing Life's Journey
Daughters of the Moon Tarot: A Journey into the Sacred Feminine.

Beginning September 18th, Argena will begin teaching a class centered around the Daughters of the Moon Tarot Deck. If you’re interested in participating, call or schedule online, as class size is limited. How unusual it looks, this round purple deck of cards that is nothing like we’ve seen before! The Daughters of the Moon tarot deck is an opportunity to look at life differently, through the eyes of women. Many female archetypal symbols from ancient to modern times are presented, reflecting both conscious and subconscious influences within women of our day. They are available in color, as are most decks,…

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04 Feb, 2016 | by
Astrology Featured Stories
What is Astrology?

Is it the Sun Sign Horoscope in the Newspaper or something more? There are many answers one can give, but the simplest is Astrology is the belief that something born in a moment of time has qualities of that moment in time.  It assumes there is order (not chaos) in God’s Universe.  That “As above so below” is operating! You can also describe Astrology as a complex symbolic system based on a tradition that there is a correlation between relative position of celestial bodies and terrestrial concerns. Various Astrological techniques are used to interpret the meaning of that correlation and…

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22 Sep, 2015 | by
Herb of the Month
Herb of the Month, September 2015: Lemon Balm

Herb of the Month September 2015 Lemon Balm Also known as: Melissa officinalis, Melissa, Honey Plant, Sweet Mary, Elixir of Life Planet: Jupiter Chakra: Solar Plexus Spiritual Uses: Peace, Prosperity, Purification, Vitality, Relaxation, Inner Strength, Mental Focus, Astral Projection, Healing, Dreams, Friendship, Love, Success As summer fades into fall, many herbs are still vibrant with bloom and color. Lemon Balm is a hardy herb that thrives throughout the growing season, and attracts beautiful butterflies and bees. Romans used lemon balm by rubbing the leaves onto their hives. This attracted the bees and also guided them…

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01 Sep, 2015 | by
Emotional Family Healing Life's Journey
“Hurting People Hurt Other People”

“HURTING PEOPLE HURT OTHER PEOPLE” I stopped dead in my tracks. We were walking across the Hopi mesa, my teacher and I, and she had my full attention. “What?” I said. Katherine repeated, “Hurting people hurt other people”. I felt shaken down to my toes as this truth registered in my being. Never had this idea occurred to me. As this new realization rippled through me, I could see how those in my life who had hurt me were themselves wounded — my parents, schoolmates, male companions, some dear friends, a plethora of people along the way qualified here. Compassion rolled…

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25 Aug, 2015 | by
Herb of the Month Herbs
Herb of the Month, August 2015: Sweet Grass

Herb of the Month, August 2015 Sweet Grass Also known as: Hierochloe odorata, Seneca Grass, Holy Grass, Vanilla Grass Planet: Moon, Venus Chakra: Crown Spiritual Uses: Friendship, Peace, Healing, Calling Spirits, Purification, With the arrival of August, the late-summer weather produces an abundance of tall green and golden grasses. A personal favorite, Sweet grass smells amazing and has many wonderful attributes that can enhance your life. Smelling its light vanilla fragrance on a warm breezy August day can produce a gentle uplifting feeling. Sweet grass has a long history and is native to meadows in Europe, Canada, and North…

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03 Aug, 2015 | by
Crystals Emotional Stone of the Month
Stone of the Month, August 2015: Lepidolite

Lepidolite Known As: Stone of Transition, Stone of Hope, Stone of Calm and Peace Structure: potassium, lithium, aluminum fluorosilicate, mica group. Hardness: 2 1/2 –3 Chakras: Heart and Crown Astrological Sign: Libra Lepidolite is a stone that I always have on hand. It is a stone that I recommend for anyone that is transitioning in life, any and all parts of life. I find it very helpful when things seem to be hectic in my life, and I can’t quite seem to get myself up and on track. Life will inevitably ebb and flow. We need this. It is what…

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27 Jul, 2015 | by
The New Generation

THE NEW GENERATION by Argena Marie This message was given to me in 1977 in meditation: “Since 1969, there have been born many special souls. This group is part of a generation that has a special mission. Usually, their childhood is very painful. Some of them will get lost in drugs or alcohol. By age 19, they will be at least  fifteen years more mature than their parents were at that age.They are very aware, sensitive and often psychic. Usually, they are not raised around anyone like themselves, so they often feel isolated and like a “stranger in a strange…

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