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27 Jul, 2015 | by
Emotional Life's Journey Spirituality
We Are One waves

Knowledge brings responsibility that ignorance cannot feel. We are responsible for our own thoughts, words, emotions and deeds — for what we think, say and do affects the world around us, whether we acknowledge it or not. Therefore, our choices must reflect both who and what we are. “Who” speaks of our soul and why we are here in this time and space. “What” describes the movement we make, moment by moment, in this world. As long as we think ourselves separate, we can believe that what we express does not matter. Yet, deep within us lies the Knowing of…

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Herb of the Month Herbs
Herb of the Month, July 2015: Spearmint spearmint

Spearmint Also known as: Mentha spicata Garden Mint, Green Mint, Our Lady’s Mint Element: Water & Air Planet: Venus & Mercury Chakra- Third Eye & Throat Spiritual Uses- Healing, Love, Protection, Spiritual Development, Harmony, Mental Clarity, Rejuvenation, Success, Motivation, Animals, Dreams, Good Luck In the heat of the summer, we are lucky to have the cool herb spearmint. Spearmint is a magnificent herb to have around during the hot, humid days during the middle to late summer. A popular herb for many applications, spearmint is a must have. Spearmint is so versatile, it is used for applications for both work…

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17 Jun, 2015 | by
Herb of the Month Herbs
Herb of the Month, June 2015: Lavender Lavender

Lavender Also known as: Lavendula angustifolia or English Lavender, Common Lavender, Elf Leaf Element: Air Planet: Mercury Chakra: Crown Spiritual Uses: Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevity, Purification, Psychic Development, Happiness, Peace, Beauty, Dreams, Protection against evil eye. Lavender is probably one of the most beloved herbs, and has infinite uses. It blooms in late spring and throughout early to mid-summer, and perfumes the air with its naturally relaxing scent. It is a beautiful addition to any garden, yard, or patio. Lavender has been used for centuries in Europe and was brought to America by the…

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08 Jun, 2015 | by
Featured Stories Life's Journey Spirituality
The Universe Strives for Balance light shadow

  In the brief amount of time I’ve spent on this planet thus far (in this particular body, at least), I’ve run the gamut as far as my spiritual and religious beliefs go. I’ve experienced all the feelings and confusion so familiar to those on the journey to seek out their truth. While I’ve come to a very serene place spiritually, there’s always been one belief that held fast regardless of where my heart and mind settled regarding a creator, an afterlife, a purpose. Perhaps it’s not even a belief so much as an acceptance—and it all started when I…

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18 May, 2015 | by
Crystals Stone of the Month
Stone of May: Citrine citrine 2

As l lay meditating –contemplating– just the other day, not really focused on anything in particular, it came to me. Not like a lightning strike but gently, calmly without notice or prompting: Citrine the stone of the month. I set my mind to calm, to contemplation, to peace, for in these days it is important for us to find this centeredness within. It is what brings us calm: calm during the hustle and bustle that we and those around us are more and more frequently immersed in. It came gently like the energy of the stone, allowing me to become…

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11 May, 2015 | by
Herb of the Month Herbs
Herb of the Month, May 2015: Lilac lilac

Also known as: (Syringa vulgaris): Common Lilac Element: Water Planet: Venus Chakra– Crown Spiritual Uses– Reminder of the Beauty of Life, Purification, Energy Clearing, Exploration of Past Lives, Healing, Love, Blessing/Celebration of New Life or Celebration of Life’s Journey, Brings Life’s Pleasures, Harmony, Intuition It’s that time of year again. The beautiful lilacs are blooming, giving us the gift of beauty of late Spring. Growing up, this was my favorite time of year. A time for planting, I would help my Granny in her garden, and then retire under her lilac bush, which was my special spot. I loved…

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Life's Journey Spirituality
My Declaration Cradle_of_Humankind_039

I am a Sacred Woman who has been avoiding my Wisdom Path. Fear has been in my way, and I will no longer honor that fear. It’s a fear of being too big, of being too open, of being too much God/Goddess/All That Is. How can I fear that which I Am? How can I fear that which I know, that which I see? How can being small make me feel good? It feels safer, but is it really? To be invisible, to be incognito, to “hide my light under a bushel”, is that what I’m here for? NO!!! What if I make…

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06 Apr, 2015 | by
Herb of the Month Herbs
Herb of the Month, April 2015: Sage White Sage Bundles and Sweetgrass Braid

  *Because there are two varieties of sage commonly used in clearing energy, I have covered both in this article. California Sage Brush (Artemisia) is of a different genus and is not included below, but can be used in the same way for smudging.   Also known as: (Salvia officinalis): Common Sage, Garden Sage, Red Sage (Salvia apiana): White Sage, Sacred Sage, Desert Sage, Bee Sage       Element: Air Planet: Jupiter Chakra– Throat Spiritual Uses– Purification, Energy Clearing, Restoring Balance, Longevity, Prosperity, Manifestation, Protection of Children With the arrival of Spring, many of us…

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24 Nov, 2014 | by
Reiki Uncategorized
Healing Energy and Reiki Circle – 4th Sunday

Do you channel the light energy for healing? If yes, then you are invited to join us the 4th Sunday of each month for a Energy Healing Circle. We start with a short meditation to connect with Spirit and then everyone has a turn on the table to receive the beautiful healing light energy. So if you practice Reiki, Healing Touch, Crystal Healing, or any other energy modality, this is a perfect opportunity for you to share your gifts and receive at the same…

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13 Oct, 2014 | by
Emotional Energy Healing Featured Stories Healing
Paradiso and Rasamayi Concert and Sound Healing Workshop Press-kit-picture-PampR

Concert: Saturday OCtober 18th, 6:30p, $25 Enter the AUM “BecOMe who you are!” SOUND HEALING CONCERT with Paradiso & Rasamayi A Channeled Sound Experience Prescribed by Your Soul and Guides Internationally renowned sound healers and back to back Best New Age Album of the Year winners Paradiso and Rasamayi present celestial soundfields. Carnegie Hall didjeridoo artist Paradiso and singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi bring concerts that are doorways to multidimensional journeys and experience regular reports of transformative experiences. Experience “Ezra” the Kundalini serpent didjeridoo; “Sage,” the…

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