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02 Nov, 2012 | by
Divine Femanine Goddess
Melissae (Bees and the Sacred Feminine) Bee Goddess plaque from Rhodes

“Melissa” means “bee” in Greek, and to the Ancients, a melissa was a priestess of the Goddess. Of which Goddess exactly, we can’t always be certain. Some melissae were dedicated to Demeter, to be certain. Some to Artemis. But some were priestesses of Aphrodite, and there is popular lore that holds that the bee itself is the embodiment of the soul of a priestess of the Goddess of Love — a happy, productive little maiden continuing to produce the golden nectar of the Gods. No animal is a better example of the power of community than the bee. Each bee…

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Divination Ghosts
Ouija and Witch Boards Ouija Board

I love the Ouija board. I really do. Natalie Black and I use several types of tools when we are working together, but this is by far my favorite form of spirit communication and otherworldly guidance. Divination and oracle by means of pre-printed letters, words and symbols which are then pointed to by a spirit have been known since the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Automatic writing, the pre-cursor of the board — has been in use since ancient China. The Ouija (TM) board was named, trade-marked, and mass-produced relatively recently; but the concept of the talking board is literally ancient.…

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18 Oct, 2012 | by
Current and Past Featured Articles Divine Femanine Hinduism
Prayer to Shakti shakti

Oh, Shakti! Mother of the multiverse Cosmic intelligence that permeates all things Void without limit Point without place Moment without time Circumference of all things Pure Being, Consciousness, Bliss Divine Dynamic Life force One Goddess — Eternal Who dances in our spirits and illuminates all things Be here with us now. Awaken as the Kundalini serpent within our bodies Connecting us forever and again with your eternal…

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16 Oct, 2012 | by
Current and Past Featured Articles Psychics Reiki
Reiki and Medical Intuition haende_reiki_internet

On June 27th, I was fortunate to be interviewed by Danielle Stimpson, the host of Healing Arts Radio. and founder of  Learn Reiki Philadelphia. The topic of this interview was Reiki and medical intuition. I was delighted to merge these two topics together!! Here is a link to the actual recorded interview. We are ALL wired to send and receive intuitive information and body workers of all kinds naturally develop a heightened intuitive sense. It is simply a matter of noticing the signals. I have always been psychic and yet, energy work and assisting others opened new doors into a…

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Psychics Reiki
Intuition will ALWAYS feel like your imagination radical_imagination

Imagination is truly the voice and wavelength of non-physical information. Imagination, from the dictionary, actually means “the ability to form images and ideas in the mind, especially of things never seen or experienced directly.” This definition does not say that it is fallacy. Remember, the definition of intuition is, “the state of being aware of or knowing something without having to discover or perceive it.” My hero, Albert Einstein, had an observation about imagination: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” How profound for a genius, famous for his…

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Discover The Godsign Around Us All God-Sign

There are symbols in the world that are read and understood as a Universal language. Sign language for the deaf is an internationally understood form of communication that is expressed through hand movements and not a word is spoken, yet all conversation can be understood and translated anywhere in the world. There are mathematical symbols and equations recognized, if not totally understood, by all peoples that describe and ‘speak’ of the potential energy in all things…E=mc2. We have formulas made out of letters and numbers that mean the same thing to everyone on the planet regardless of what…

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15 Oct, 2012 | by
Your Story: Customer Submissions
Underbrush Underbrush Image

I find myself back in the woods – the park. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been here. Fall, when the beauty of the golden yellow, the reds and oranges were in their full glory. They have long since passed. Replaced by pale grey, steel blue, and cool white of early winter, all now fresh in my mind, I walk the path that I’ve walked so many times before. But, there is something different this time. It has been awhile. There are tire tracks everywhere, zigzagging across the hills. Where has the underbrush, the saplings, the thicket, the…

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