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Dianna Lynn Past Life Regression

I am a lifelong spiritual explorer, always fascinated with the events and people who shape our lives. I started studying the writings of Edgar Cayce in my early twenties, and have pursued knowledge of our powerful mind, and our connection to soul ever since that time. As I traveled my life journey, I added scholastic degrees, insights and concepts finally leading to a focused path in transpersonal hypnosis. Spiritual or Transpersonal Hypnosis empowers the practitioner to guide clients into exploration of their previous life experiences. Through deep relaxation and a desire to understand the meaning of their lives, clients can recall paths they have walked before. In this process, it’s possible to resolve old traumas and find healing, recognize soul mates, family members and understand the lessons you’re here to learn. As a practitioner, I create a positive, confidential and safe environment for soul exploration in opening your powerful mind, your personal bridge to communication with the divine. Every love, every experience every act of heroism recorded in your powerful soul/mind is there to help you grow and benefit in your current existence. Come explore with me and discover who you really are…
Dianna Lynn, BA, MPM, CRM, CHt, LBLt

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