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Awakening the Kundalini

19 May, 2017 | by
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At thJudye base of the spine lies the Kundalini center where Kundalini energy lies dormant. Activating the Kundalini is a process of purification so that you can embody the Divine. Bringing this energy to its fullness shifts the frequency within the human body. So upon receiving this work one must be aware of your thinking and thoughts which are the blueprints of your soul. This journey may include the surrender of ego self to the Divine – Self Realization – Bliss – Oneness. This process may bring up suppressed thoughts from your shadow side requiring further work that will assist you on your spiritual path. Discover the joy of sacred spiritual growth.

Prior regular sessions required.

1 Hour Session – $100

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About the Author

Judy Hillenburg

Judy is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and does energy work that goes deep into every cell of your body; balancing your Chakras and clearing your aura for deep spiritual healing. If there are messages that come up during the session, she will share those with you. This session is a powerful way to explore a deeper sense of peace within your own body. Judy is a light-body energy worker that is the wave of the future as a way to center, ground, and really know who you are on a deep soul level. Physical issues can also be addressed.

Judy is available on Tuesdays from 11am to 6pm and at every Psychic Fair. The fee is $70 for a 1-hour session and $45 for a 1/2-hour session.

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