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12 Nov, 2016 | by
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Psychic Development with Argena argena

It is delightful to be teaching again. I thank Inner Path for this great opportunity. My life journey has included many teachers, plus three mentors that seem like they still walk with me as I go forward. In the weekly Psychic Development class, fostering new understanding, giving support and also triggering stimulation for each student’s personal “inner knowing”– these are my goals. Each class stands on its own for both new and experienced people. Yet it follows a way of perceiving life that builds more confidence in oneself while learning to accept the natural abilities available to us from birth. [&hellip…

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10 Jul, 2013 | by
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Spiritual Tools Workshop spiritual-tools1

Have you ever wondered how to use a pendulum, or how a divining rod really works?  Have you been drawn to the Angel cards only to discount your ability to use them?  Perhaps you are interested in the classical tools of the Western Magus?  Then this workshop is for you! Join Jackie Gardner and Natalie Black as we demonstrate and discuss various tools for your spiritual and healing path. Topics to be covered include: ♥  Pendulums ♥  Athames, Chalices, and Pentacles, oh my! ♥  Smudging with sage and drums ♥  Dowsing/divining rods ♥  Oracle cards/Tarot cards – What is the [&hellip…

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02 Nov, 2012 | by
Divination Ghosts
Ouija and Witch Boards Ouija Board

I love the Ouija board. I really do. Natalie Black and I use several types of tools when we are working together, but this is by far my favorite form of spirit communication and otherworldly guidance. Divination and oracle by means of pre-printed letters, words and symbols which are then pointed to by a spirit have been known since the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Automatic writing, the pre-cursor of the board — has been in use since ancient China. The Ouija (TM) board was named, trade-marked, and mass-produced relatively recently; but the concept of the talking board is literally ancient. [&hellip…

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