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Divine Femanine

15 Sep, 2016 | by
Divine Femanine Emotional Healing Self Help Spirituality
Personal Standards- Part 1 1372099187ddrfn

  Is there a piece missing for women in our society today?  What could it be?  As I spoke daily with people across the country from all ages and many cultural backgrounds, the most common questions asked by women and girls on the Psychic Hotline were as follows: 1. Does he love me? 2. Who’s my baby’s daddy? 3. Why did he leave me? 4. How can I get him back? 5. Why is he with her? 6. Is there someone else? 7. And last, but not least– He has a whole other family! What do I do? As I [&hellip…

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04 Aug, 2016 | by
Divine Femanine Emotional Healing Life's Journey
Daughters of the Moon Tarot: A Journey into the Sacred Feminine. card

Beginning September 18th, Argena will begin teaching a class centered around the Daughters of the Moon Tarot Deck. If you’re interested in participating, call or schedule online, as class size is limited. How unusual it looks, this round purple deck of cards that is nothing like we’ve seen before! The Daughters of the Moon tarot deck is an opportunity to look at life differently, through the eyes of women. Many female archetypal symbols from ancient to modern times are presented, reflecting both conscious and subconscious influences within women of our day. They are available in color, as are most decks, [&hellip…

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06 Nov, 2012 | by
Current and Past Featured Articles Divine Femanine Goddess Paganism
Worshiping Athena Kreimhild's Revenge MMVI

What do you get for a prehistoric Goddess who can make anything?   I respectfully disagree. Oh, sure, She likes hearing Her old hymns recited, but she likes it even more when you have something new to say. The books are correct in that you really can’t use enough olive oil when working with Her. You’ll find that you bathe in it, that you rub it in your skin, your hair; that you buy products just because they contain that blessed ingredient. Honoring Her on the third day after the new moon is good. Honoring her at the start of [&hellip…

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02 Nov, 2012 | by
Divine Femanine Goddess
Melissae (Bees and the Sacred Feminine) Bee Goddess plaque from Rhodes

“Melissa” means “bee” in Greek, and to the Ancients, a melissa was a priestess of the Goddess. Of which Goddess exactly, we can’t always be certain. Some melissae were dedicated to Demeter, to be certain. Some to Artemis. But some were priestesses of Aphrodite, and there is popular lore that holds that the bee itself is the embodiment of the soul of a priestess of the Goddess of Love — a happy, productive little maiden continuing to produce the golden nectar of the Gods. No animal is a better example of the power of community than the bee. Each bee [&hellip…

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18 Oct, 2012 | by
Current and Past Featured Articles Divine Femanine Hinduism
Prayer to Shakti shakti

Oh, Shakti! Mother of the multiverse Cosmic intelligence that permeates all things Void without limit Point without place Moment without time Circumference of all things Pure Being, Consciousness, Bliss Divine Dynamic Life force One Goddess — Eternal Who dances in our spirits and illuminates all things Be here with us now. Awaken as the Kundalini serpent within our bodies Connecting us forever and again with your eternal radiance…

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