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07 Mar, 2014 | by
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Earth Religions Classes Earth Goddess

What is an “Earth Religion”? The term earth religion encompasses any religion that worships the earth, nature or fertility gods or goddesses. There is an array of groups and beliefs that fall under earth religion, such as animism, which is the worldview that all living entities (plants, animals, and humans) possess a spirit, and pantheism, which takes a varied approach to the importance and purpose of the earth, and man’s relationship with the planet. Several of the core statements of earth religions deal with the connectivity humans share with the planet, declaring that “all matter, energy, and life are an [&hellip…

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10 Jul, 2013 | by
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Spiritual Tools Workshop spiritual-tools1

Have you ever wondered how to use a pendulum, or how a divining rod really works?  Have you been drawn to the Angel cards only to discount your ability to use them?  Perhaps you are interested in the classical tools of the Western Magus?  Then this workshop is for you! Join Jackie Gardner and Natalie Black as we demonstrate and discuss various tools for your spiritual and healing path. Topics to be covered include: ♥  Pendulums ♥  Athames, Chalices, and Pentacles, oh my! ♥  Smudging with sage and drums ♥  Dowsing/divining rods ♥  Oracle cards/Tarot cards – What is the [&hellip…

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06 Nov, 2012 | by
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Worshiping Athena Kreimhild's Revenge MMVI

What do you get for a prehistoric Goddess who can make anything?   I respectfully disagree. Oh, sure, She likes hearing Her old hymns recited, but she likes it even more when you have something new to say. The books are correct in that you really can’t use enough olive oil when working with Her. You’ll find that you bathe in it, that you rub it in your skin, your hair; that you buy products just because they contain that blessed ingredient. Honoring Her on the third day after the new moon is good. Honoring her at the start of [&hellip…

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