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Daughters of the Moon Tarot: A Journey into the Sacred Feminine.

04 Aug, 2016 | by
Divine Femanine Emotional Healing Life's Journey

Beginning September 18th, Argena will begin teaching a class centered around the Daughters of the Moon Tarot Deck. If you’re interested in participating, call or schedule online, as class size is limited.


How unusual it looks, this round purple deck of cards that is nothing like we’ve seen before! The Daughters of the Moon tarot deck is an opportunity to look at life differently, through the eyes of women. Many female archetypal symbols from ancient to modern times are presented, reflecting both conscious and subconscious influences within women of our day. They are available in color, as are most decks, but the original design is black and white, to be colored by each person in their own unique way. A deep, intimate relationship can be developed with each and every card while that is being done. Coloring pencils or pens, watercolors, and even paint pens may be used in any combination to create the effect desired for each card. When coloring is the focus, we let go of the busy outer world, relax and allow access to the creative, intuitive and nonlinear part of the brain. One cannot help but enjoy the coloring process, even as it gradually develops better communication with the Higher Self (Spirit within). It certainly gives the intuition some valuable practice.

In a patriarchal culture, we seek a more balanced way to represent all of the people equally and respectfully. This begins by individuals being willing to learn new perspective while making a commitment to grow beyond previous ways of thinking. This deck’s matriarchal images from cultures around the world focus on honoring the sacred feminine in all life. They reflect diversity, compassion, cooperation, and wisdom. Yet this process of personalizing one’s own cards becomes a means to examine the feminine within ourselves and what that means to each of us. Sometimes referred to as yin and yang, the female and male aspects both dwell within us all. The challenge is to accept and understand them while learning how they can function together in balance. That has been referred to in ancient lore as creating “Sacred Marriage.”

When I discovered this deck, I had no idea of the journey it represented for me. It was a spiritual growth process. Each card brought new or deeper lessons to my life’s path as I integrated the Sacred Feminine into my personal world. For example, there was The Wanderer, which showed a woman on a winding road at sunrise, pulling a gypsy wagon behind her. I remember the importance of the roof being read on this wagon and had fun making the hills around her look a fertile green. I could see that this pictured self-sufficiency, being in the moment and not having to know what was around the next curve in the road. Trusting my heart and source was evident here, as well as seeing that all around me was fertile ground for growth and creativity, no matter where I was. I wish I had thought to journal the many shifts I made with this 1 card. However, 3 days after I finished, I was on my way home from work. Displayed for all to see with my gypsy wagon! It was a small, red pickup truck and camper shell with many windows. After purchasing it I set up the back with a mattress, cooler, folding chair and an area for the wicker chest containing supplies for making Native American objects. I traveled many places, as I felt guided. How well this card served me in preparing me to go beyond my own limitations!

Some positive results of working with these cards have been: a greater self-knowledge and self-awareness, a feeling of empowerment in my life and in my support of others, plus new ways of viewing and handling the challenges of daily life. When I do readings with The Daughters of the Moon deck, the messages for women are deeper and more profound. Each time I use them, I am gifted with new insights for myself as well as others. I am grateful for all the work and dedication done by many women to make this tool available to serve the people.

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For 39 years, Argena has used a variety of tools and methods to assist both individuals and groups. Some of these are Intuitive Tarot, Transition Counseling, \\\\\\\”Past Life\\\\\\\” healing, Medicine Shields and Energy Balancing. She has a gift for tuning into people\\\\\\\’s essence and creating \\\\\\\”safe space\\\\\\\” for them to experience it themselves. Extensive Native American studies have given her ways to marry the spiritual and physical worlds. She says, \\\\\\\”All that is important to me is to see the spark of Spirit in people\\\\\\\’s eyes. Then I know that I\\\\\\\’m doing what I\\\\\\\’m here for\\\\\\\” Argena worked for 4 years on the very first Psychic Hotline, and as such is quite experienced in the area of phone readings. She describes it as her \\\\\\\”post-graduate work\\\\\\\” in psychic/spiritual counseling.

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