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Herb of the Month, September 2015: Lemon Balm

22 Sep, 2015 | by
Herb of the Month

Herb of the Month September 2015
Lemon Balm

Also known as: Melissa officinalis, Melissa, Honey Plant, Sweet Mary, Elixir of Life
Planet: Jupiter
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Spiritual Uses: Peace, Prosperity, Purification, Vitality, Relaxation, Inner Strength, Mental Focus, Astral Projection, Healing, Dreams, Friendship, Love, Success

As summer fades into fall, many herbs are still vibrant with bloom and color. Lemon Balm is a hardy herb that thrives throughout the growing season, and attracts beautiful butterflies and bees. Romans used lemon balm by rubbing the leaves onto their hives. This attracted the bees and also guided them back to their hives. This was also a common practice in Turkey and other countries.

Known for its ability to produce a gleaming shine on wooden objects, lemon balm was used throughout history for this purpose. Many wood care products today contain the essential oil.

Besides bringing out the luster in your wood, some cultures believed it to remove any negative or residual energies from the wood itself. It was also planted by doorsteps to keep negativity away from the home.

Lemon Balm is known as a healing herb thought to bring vitality and strength to those who consumed it. The Carmelite Nuns are famous for creating their ‘Elixir of Life’. They combined lemon balm with coriander, angelica root, lemon peel, and nutmeg to create a remedy prescribed for nervous headaches and similar ailments.

Used in salves and other external preparations, it helps relieve bug bites, stings, abrasions and other minor skin ailments.

Similarly, used in a balm, planted around the house, or dabbed on your skin, Lemon Balm repels mosquitoes and other bothersome insects!

Try making a spray with the essential oil and witch-hazel to use on those late summer evenings.

The essential oil is used in aromatherapy to ease muscle tension and can help calm a racing mind.

In addition, if going through a difficult break up, lemon balm can help ease feelings of anger, depression, and also help you to reflect on your emotions without getting lost in them. It can help you facilitate necessary endings, and to find peace.

On the other hand, lemon balm is also known for its association with love, aphrodisiacs, fertility, and romance. You can use this herb to help you in these areas of your life by anointing symbolic objects with its essential oil, burning candles scented with the oil, or even by growing it.

When using in personal ritual, you can use the essential oil or fresh leaves. When using the leaves, crush them slightly to bring the oils out. Then you can inhale the lemony scent or even float them in your bath.

You can use lemon balm to bring prosperity into your life by removing blockages. Visualize these blockages breaking down and moving away from you, while the flow of prosperity comes freely to you.

Many people have begun to re-discover the culinary usefulness of lemon balm. Add a fresh leaf to a cup of your favorite tea, or even in green salads. Be creative!

In addition to the many uses listed, Lemon Balm is also associated with Moon, Neptune, Diana, Cybele, Venus, Water, the Feminine, Chariot Tarot card, and the celebration of Beltane.

Lemon balm is such a lovely, versatile, fragrant herb. I hope you enjoy exploring the many ways it can benefit you spiritually, emotionally, and physically!

Light and Love to You, Blessed Be!


**The advice given above is intended for spiritual, non-medical, use only. Please do not consume any herb unless purchased or grown for culinary use. Please do not use any herb unless you are familiar with how your skin and body react to the herb. When using essential oil, be sure to dilute with a carrier before applying to skin.

Lemon Balm Photo courtesy of Karen Shank-Chapman

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