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“Hurting People Hurt Other People”

01 Sep, 2015 | by
Emotional Family Healing Life's Journey

I stopped dead in my tracks. We were walking across the Hopi mesa, my teacher and I, and she had my full attention. “What?” I said. Katherine repeated, “Hurting people hurt other people”.
I felt shaken down to my toes as this truth registered in my being. Never had this idea occurred to me. As this new realization rippled through me, I could see how those in my life who had hurt me were themselves wounded — my parents, schoolmates, male companions, some dear friends, a plethora of people along the way qualified here.
Compassion rolled through me as I viewed each one’s personal pain, accepting them as being only human. I must have done the same to others, no matter how well intended I may be.

As the next days and weeks flew by, I healed. I was able to love these people again because my judgement was gone. Now I could see that they were doing the best they could with what they knew at the time. Even my viewpoint changed of those who commit crimes in the world. There is a famous saying in the Christian world — “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”
This was my personal learning about this. Compassion is a part of Love and unconditional Love includes Compassion.
In San Diego, Argena first studied with Lakota Sioux medicine man, Lee Nelson, and then several years later, was mentored by a sacred woman, Katherine Cheshire, who is Hopi-Lakota.

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For 39 years, Argena has used a variety of tools and methods to assist both individuals and groups. Some of these are Intuitive Tarot, Transition Counseling, \\\\\\\”Past Life\\\\\\\” healing, Medicine Shields and Energy Balancing. She has a gift for tuning into people\\\\\\\’s essence and creating \\\\\\\”safe space\\\\\\\” for them to experience it themselves. Extensive Native American studies have given her ways to marry the spiritual and physical worlds. She says, \\\\\\\”All that is important to me is to see the spark of Spirit in people\\\\\\\’s eyes. Then I know that I\\\\\\\’m doing what I\\\\\\\’m here for\\\\\\\” Argena worked for 4 years on the very first Psychic Hotline, and as such is quite experienced in the area of phone readings. She describes it as her \\\\\\\”post-graduate work\\\\\\\” in psychic/spiritual counseling.

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