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Stone of the Month: Malachite

05 Nov, 2012 | by
Stone of the Month


This conversation is being set up as a month-long intensive study of a particular crystal or stone. I invite you to take this month and work exclusively with me by using the stone on a daily basis, either by carrying it with you, by using it in meditations, holding it while reading, watching TV or some other relaxation technique. Reflecting on your feelings, emotions and any other changes going on or happening during these work sessions and sharing your responses. This will be a great way for you to put crystals into practice and become more aware of what they can do for you.

I teach that it is best to begin working with crystals by spending time with them. This is another method for you to put into practice. With the added benefit of others doing the same thing, we can learn from each other. I encourage you, if you are so inclined, to begin a dialog with me and others by adding your experiences, questions, and comments about the crystal we are working with this month. I look forward to hearing from you, and I’m excited to see what experiences you have.


COLOR: Various shades of dark green, swirling patterns, occasionally appearance of “eyes.

HARDNESS: 3.5 – 4

LOCATIONS FOUND: Africa, Australia, France, Russia, Spain, United States


SOMETIMES KNOWN AS: “The midwifes stone”, “The stone of transformation”, “The good luck stone”, “The stone of truth”

Historically, Malachite has been used for centuries, from the Romans to honor Venus to the Vikings who used it to honor Freya. The Egyptians not only used it to honor Hathor, but also ground it up to use as eye makeup. They believed it also helped ward off the evil eye and used it to heal eye infections.

Malachite is most often associated with the heart chakra assisting not only with the actual physicality, but also with the emotional aspects involved with this world we call life. It can help us to see where we have unhealthy attachments. It can assist us with any joint problems, overall aches and swelling. This is most likely due to its copper content. Known to assist women with labor and child birth, it’s also associated with children for their protection and health.

Malachite can help with clearing away negativity around and within us. It can help us to bring about truth, again around and from within. It can assist in meditation, clarify our emotions and used for anything related to money. It’s also used as a general purpose healing stone. Malachite can enable our bodies to sense areas that are out of tune, and prompt our body to work to bring them back into harmony.

Again I encourage you to share your experiences. We are all teachers, and we are all students. You can never know just who may benefit from your words and understandings. I am so very much looking forward to hearing from you!



Crystal and stone work is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. The information within this guide is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.Crystaland stone work should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.


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    Absolutely Love the web page about your store! So enthusiastic about meeting with you tomorrow, Friday May 8th at 11:30. Please forgive me; I am having computer problems and have not sent you my resume’. I do appreciate you taking time to meet with me and discuss how we might successfully work together. Within my thirty years of customer service experience, I have over twenty years of safe patient care and fourteen years of clerical skills. It is so fun for me, promoting healthy products and I am certain you will enjoy making my acquaintance as well.


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