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The New Generation

27 Jul, 2015 | by

by Argena Marie

This message was given to me in 1977 in meditation:

“Since 1969, there have been born many special souls. This group is part of a generation that has a special mission.
Usually, their childhood is very painful. Some of them will get lost in drugs or alcohol. By age 19, they will be at least 
fifteen years more mature than their parents were at that age.They are very aware, sensitive and often psychic.
Usually, they are not raised around anyone like themselves, so they often feel isolated and like a “stranger in a
strange land”. They have a vague feeling that they’re here to do something, but are not sure what it is.

Then something shifts. They begin to meet others who are “of like mind”. Information enters their life, introducing
Universal Thought and Principles. The truth is, these young people have come here to MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR
GENERATION AND THE ONE TO FOLLOW THEM. They have brought in with them many abilities and gifts in order to do this.
They feel a calling and know they have a part to play in re-creating and serving society. There is a vision
that is held in higher human consciousness. It shows a better way – and these young people know they are a part of
that vision.”

Some years later, I had spoken to some of these young men and women. I was startled to find that already, some
had children – some even before they were 19 years old! I prayed on this, and questioned Spirit.
Finally, the answer came:

“Remember, they will make a difference in their generation and the one to follow? That is their children’s generation.
Some of these women will raise their children while they are quite young. Then, when the time for the second part of
their mission arrives, the main care-taking will be over. Some mothers or fathers will even share their mission with
these children, for they are themselves more aware than their parents.”

I pray for these children, especially now. The chaos in the world is so filled with distractions and negative energy.
It’s harder to see the Light and listen to one’s own “still small voice” inside. But I know they are out there,
being challenged to grow into who they really are. In the 21st Century, they are all ages and varieties. I send
them Love…

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For 39 years, Argena has used a variety of tools and methods to assist both individuals and groups. Some of these are Intuitive Tarot, Transition Counseling, \\\\\\\”Past Life\\\\\\\” healing, Medicine Shields and Energy Balancing. She has a gift for tuning into people\\\\\\\’s essence and creating \\\\\\\”safe space\\\\\\\” for them to experience it themselves. Extensive Native American studies have given her ways to marry the spiritual and physical worlds. She says, \\\\\\\”All that is important to me is to see the spark of Spirit in people\\\\\\\’s eyes. Then I know that I\\\\\\\’m doing what I\\\\\\\’m here for\\\\\\\” Argena worked for 4 years on the very first Psychic Hotline, and as such is quite experienced in the area of phone readings. She describes it as her \\\\\\\”post-graduate work\\\\\\\” in psychic/spiritual counseling.

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  1. Susan:

    October 8, 2015 at 11:33 pm

    Very enlightening just meeting you.Thank you for everything you helped me with today.YOU have helped make a difference, and explained to me some of the things I needed to know. I appreciate your time and energy.


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