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Amy (Auset)

North Location


Wednesdays 12p-4p


Amy (Auset) is a Clairvoyant/Medium, Priestess of Isis/Hathor whose spiritual journey began as a child. Over the years, she's followed her path as a healer, teacher and oracle and truly enjoys offering readings and classes to those who wish to explore the realm of Spirit.  Her path led her deep into the Egyptian Mysteries, the land of Egypt and to becoming a Priestess of Isis/Hathor.  Through her studies, she co-created the oracle deck, The Oracle of Seshet, which uses the Egyptian hieroglyphs as symbols for divine meaning and understanding.


Auset uses a combination of intuitive gifts including clairaudience, clairvoyance and mediumship to help you find answers and insight when you're too close to see the Big Picture. Her readings are packed and insightful and she offers clarity where there doesn't seem to be any....or you just need a little boost from your guides and angels for direction on your path.

A reading with Auset can:

  • bring illumination to your path as you seek answers to many of life's challenges

  • confirm messages you might be receiving but questioning from your Higher Self

  • provide insight into complex dynamics in relationships that bring stress and worry

  • offer inspiration to step confidently into the life you desire

  • connect to messages from your loved ones and angels to give you peace of mind and healing

You might be a mover and a shaker in most areas of your life, but if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, Auset understands and during your reading, she'll meet you right where you are to give you the guidance and insight you need for peace and healing.

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