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Argena has used a variety of tools and methods for 39 years, assisting both individuals and groups. For women, she prefers to use Daughters of the Moon cards. She is an Empath (a clairsentient) who is also clairvoyant, and works with her Higher Self.

This deck of cards was originally made by women for women, using matriarchal wisdom images from cultures around the world. It’s focus is on honoring the Sacred Feminine. Here is a way to view life’s circumstances from the empowering perspective of Woman.
Since I colored my own deck, each card’s symbolism taught me to go deeper into communication with my Higher Self, strengthening the use of my intuition. When reading for others, I went more inward, giving people new ways to see themselves, with better understanding of their life’s path. Each time I use these cards, I am gifted with new insights for myself as well as others. I am grateful for all the work done by many to bring forward this unique tool to serve us all.

She has taught Intuitive Tarot and specializes in Transition Counseling for both the present lifetime as well as “past” times. Spiritual Healing is her focus. Over 4 years of service with the first Psychic Hotline gave what she refers to as “post- graduate work” in Spiritual Counseling.

Studying with both a Lakota Sioux Medicine Man and a Hopi Lakota Sacred Woman gave her ways to marry the spiritual and physical worlds. She shares this by teaching others how to make and use Native tools, such as Prayer Sticks and Medicine Shields.

Her prayer before readings or counseling is always:
“Not my will, dear Mother Father God, but Thy Will be done- in me and through me. And please give me the exact right words for this person at this time.”

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