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A Word From the Owner

About Inner Path

I have many customers who come into Inner Path and just “get it.” I also have just as many who do not and even some who are offended by some of the things we offer in our store or in our emails.  I want to take a moment to share with all of you what Inner Path is to me.


Our Story

When I opened Inner Path, my intent was to offer products and services for all spiritual paths.  I know this is hardly an attainable goal because the breadth of religion and spirituality makes it nearly impossible to offer something from each and every belief system.  However, I figured I could come from a comprehensive view of God, then I could come closer to achieving this goal.

My personal beliefs are relatively simple and can be summed up in one of my favorite Sufi proverbs, “I searched for God and only found myself; I searched for myself and only found God.” I believe that God is within each and every one of us and we need only to look that far to discover God. I believe that the paths to God are as varied as the number of people on this earth.

It's About You

If we could only release those fears that have been ingrained within us.   I once had a customer who was upset that in our store, a statue of Jesus sat next to a statue of Buddha.  I explained that they get along just fine, they coexist, people who create division because of fear.  The truth is, there is nothing to be afraid of at Inner Path. We don’t expect you to do anything beyond your comfort zone or belief system.

We only hope that it will allow others to experience God in the way that God has been revealed to them and that you will find something that will bring you closer to God or bring a little more peace to your life.  I hope that Inner Path has been that place for you and it is my goal to continue to offer you a place of peace, worship, fellowship and ultimately, a resource for the tools this human form needs to help us relate to God.

Inner Path is about YOUR path to God, not mine,  not our employees’, not your neighbor’s, not your mom’s or dad’s or your partner’s.  Inner Path is a place for you to share your beliefs, express your inner self and find resources to help you attain a deeper connection to God. All of this in an environment of non-judgment and with people who honor your right to worship and live life in the best way for YOU.  With those practices in place, I feel that we can now offer something to anyone of any faith.

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