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Sally F.

North Location


Wednesday 11:00a - 8:00p


Sally is a clairaudient clairvoyant reader of the Ancient Nordic Runic alphabet. She is able to see your aura with the colors and the symbols that occur within it. Sally works with Angels and Saints of all traditions as well as your Animal, Plant, and Mineral Spirit helpers. By using these methods, she is able to help you along your path to your Best Self with clear, accurate and practical advice.


With a wide knowledge of spiritual practices, she can show you how to help empower yourself in both spiritual and practical ways. She truly believes that we are ALL beloved children of the Divine Creator and each of us is blessed with many gifts. Sally can help you discover these blessings to enhance your life and your place in the Omniverse.


Sally made her own first oracle at the age of 12 and started reading Runes at 13. Later on, she learned more of the mystic way of the Runes in Iceland. She also reads Tarot, Playing Cards and other oracles. She teaches Runic Reading, Native American Flute, Healing through Music, Flower Essences, Shamanic Drumming Journeying, and Essential Oils classes.


If you need help with relationships, career issues, education, self-care or past life issues, know that the answers you need are available to you and your open heart. Sally will help put you in touch with those answers with her caring, sympathetic readings.

Tarot Reading
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